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Business Setup

At HR Typing, we understand it well that starting a new venture in the new country is a tough task. It’s really hard to understand the laws of the country where an entrepreneur wants to start the business.

That’s why an individual must require an experienced company to register a company in Dubai, UAE. With the help of these types of service providers, an individual can complete the business setup process quickly and effortlessly.

At HR Typing, we’ll handle all the procedures on your behalf, liaising with the relevant authorities and government departments along the way to take the hassle out of UAE company set up.

Documents Clearing and PRO Services

Hr typing offers hassle-free PRO assistance and document clearing services. Being a foreign investor, comprehending with the rules; change in the currency, Arabic translated documents and such other constraints can be difficult. At Hr typing our PRO experts in Dubai help you deal with all the formalities of starting a business. You can also save up to 60% of your administrative and PRO services cost with us!

Tas’heel Services

(MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCES & EMIRATISATION)The only Tasheel services available 24 hours through Tasheel Online which provides all Tas-heel Services such as receive new labour card, mission labour card application, sponsorship transfer and more.

Ministry of Labour Works

We provide services related to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of all kinds, such as submitting transactions at the labor office, obtaining approvals for company employees, final approval from work, work cards, work contracts.

Dubai Economic Department Works

We provide services related to Dubai Economic Department Works. Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) regulates the business sector and leads economic initiatives to achieve knowledge-based, diversified and sustainable economic growth. This role is in line with Law No. 7 of 2018.